About Us

Our home is located in Antwerp, Belgium. Our cattery is "merely" a hobby to us. Our goal is not to earn money from our kittens.
In reality we have to invest a lot in our cattery, because responsibly breeding (what we of course aim to do) requires a lot of things, good finances being a big part of that.

But you won't hear me complain about that! All hobbies require a certain cost.
And what we get back: the chance to experiencing the wonder of birth, the presence of cute and fluffy brit babies, the opportunity to make people blissfully happy with their own, perfect Smitten Kitten... that is something you can't put a price on!

I've always been crazy about cats and during my youth and today still they were and are my favourite pets!
I always knew that I would get a cat of my own when I moved out of my parents house.

And it doesn't take a genious to find out that one cat leads to two, and two lead to even more {#emotions_dlg.winking}

Soon it became a cosy and warm family of kitties {#emotions_dlg.xlovex}

In the spring of 2007 we volunteered as a foster family for "Zwerfkat in Nood" (loosely translatable as: "Strays in distress") and soon after we welcomed our first foster babies: Five kittens, hardly 3 days old which we had to bottle feed day AND night!
In the meantime we aren't a foster family anymore while it is too difficult to combine it with our cattery. But of course we haven't stopped caring about stray cats!

Since the birth of our cattery we have already welcomed a few litters and learned a lot of valuable lessons.
Not everything we had to learn was easy and we experienced a lot of heart ache.
Several times I wondered "Why should we go on?!"

...But then I hear back from my satisfied kitten buyers that they are simply so smitten with their own Smitten Kitten and I look at my own Smitten Kitten Amber (Smitten Kitten Autumn Sweet Amber) and then it dawns on me, once again... There's nowhere I'd rather be, there's nothing I'd rather do, and I won't go down without a fight {#emotions_dlg.winking}

So I keep on doing what I love to do: Savour the precious moments with my cats and kittens and making people happy with their very own Smitten Kitten!

Hanne -Cattery Smitten Kitten- May 2010


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