Breeding Goal

We can be quite brief about our Breeding Goal.

To us, breeding should include three essential components: Health, Character and Beauty. These three aspects are the pillars of our cattery and we believe that they are all conditiones sine qua non.
Below we'd like to give you a little bit more information on each of these pillars.


We only breed with tested animals. Concerning FNI, we always have the blood group of the queen determined before she has her first litter.

HCM, PKD-DNA, Felv and Fiv test are a prerequisite in our cattery. Our cats will be tested as soon as they are old enough and obviously we maintain the same list of demands for the tomcats that our ladies will visit.

Kittens leave for their new home at the age of 12-13 weeks. They take with them their "travelling bag" with toys, a blanket, food, lots of baby pictures, a valid health certificate issued by our vet and much more.

When our babies leave the nest, they will be completely free of any parasites and worms. They will have had an ID microchip implanted under their skin and will have had the two standard vaccinations.

To us it is only self-evident that without health, there is no cattery.


We strive to deliver pleasant kittens to their new butlers and therefore we'd do anything to socialize them the propper way. In the choice of a tomcat we won't overlook his character. The kittens will be raised in the context of our family. We will let them get used to daily sounds, such as the vacuum cleaner, the tv, etc. The will be accustomed to other cats given that we own also a few adult cats.

Once they have reached a safe age visitors are more than welcome to cuddle with the babies and help socialize them.


Our ambition is to create kittens that are as beautiful as they can be. We stronlgly believe that breeding is more than combining two pretty cats. The difficult task of each breeder is searching for a tomcat who can lift up the weak features of the female cat, maintain the strong aspects and vice versa.

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