After a few bumps in the road last year, we're starting to look forward to our first Smitten Kittens.

If all goes well with health testing and mating, our house will be terrorised by not one, but two litters of little brits.

The future mums are, in order of appearance ;-), Poppie (blue, 1st generation longhair) and Zsazsa (lilac trico, 3rd generation longhair).

Our ultimate goal is to have only Longhair X Longhair litters in our cattery. However, for now we believe type is more important than a long coat. What good is there in BLH litters at all cost (kittens with bad coat quality, bad type, inbreeding ...) We want healthy little cuddly bears, not pears ;-)

It is true that the BLH have been around for a long time, but until recently they were considered to be a byproduct of the BSH and as a breed they still need fairly some work.

It would be the easier choice to chose a longhair male for every litter to obtain an all longhair litter, but for the time being we will chose the most suitable males for our girls based solely on type, health, genetic diversity and character wether he is longhair or shorthair. This way we hope to deliver a substantial contribution to the race we love so much.

At the time of mating, both parents will be tested negative for PKD, HCM, FIV and Felv.

The kittens will be brought up lovingly in our family and are ready to move to their new families at the age of 13-14 weeks.

At the time of their departure they will be in excellent health. They will have had their two vaccinations and will be microchipped and free from any parasites.

They leave the house with a contract, a big kitten box with all kinds of overindulgences, their favorite toy, a photo album, cd-roms with photo's and movies, the kibble they're used to, their pedigree, a copy of the tests of their parents and all the other paper work like the certificates of vaccination, their passport etc.

We do not work with a strict waiting list (but feel free to express your interest) and neither do we have a "first come, first served" - policy; only the best homes are good enough for our babies.

We try to make the whole kitten experience as interactive as can be, for the future owners of our Smitten Kittens. As we know waiting for a kitty can sometimes seem like an eternity, kittenbuyers are always welcome (upon notice) for a chat with us and a cuddle with their little ball of fur. For us this is a pleasant way to get to know the future staff of our dearly beloved babies.

We strive to send regular photo updates and little anecdotes about the kittens to their future family and to enhance the kittenexperience, a webcam will be put online, to enable the kittenbuyers to follow the daily development of their little darling from a distance.

During your kitten's stay with us, but also later on, we'll remain available both for advice and to lend you an ear.

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