A dream come true...

It was a bad kept secret that a choc-tortie and white longhair baby was high on my wish list.
This kitten had to be "homemade", but the timing had to be right as well. For this reason Oilily was not the first choc-tortie and white born here with us. She was however the one that stayed.... and oh boy I'm so glad she did!

The choice between Oilily and her sisters was not the easiest to make, but time went by and as it usually does with these kind of things, it was the cat, so Oilily, that made the decision for us. There was something so natural about the way she walked around our home, that she not only convinced us, but also the others cats. It went without saying... Oilily belonged here...
While writing this, I see Oilily, subtly forcing Pumpkin to make some space for him in the cat bed he was sleeping in. Of course he starts grooming her immediately.
Oilily understands like no one else, the art of graciously winning over people (but also cats!). {#emotions_dlg.xlovex}

It looks like Oilily will grow into a rather big female. At the moment she is clearly a growing girl.
We are already excited about her looks and are looking forward to see how she will further develop. She's got a bunch of wonderful qualities (among them such a good coat structure for a BLH). But most of all we hope that she can enjoy a long and happy time being a kitten!
We love her to bits!

4 maand oud4 maand oud

Oilily's Info

Geboorteplaats Bij ons {#emotions_dlg.newyes_new}
Ras British Longhair, 2nd generation
Kleur Choc red and white and carries dillute
Testen Will be done when she is old enough. She comes of course of tested parents, grandparents etc.
Bloedgroep A, carries B
Koosnaampje Lily, Lilypie, Ohlil,...
Gewicht 2,5 kilo at 4 months
Houdt van Her mum, her grandma, the other cats at our home and especially Pumpkin and Roisin.
She loves to play, eat, talk and she loves getting attention, especially from me {#emotions_dlg.cathug}
Houdt niet van Oilily is so laidback and easy going. There's nothing that seems to bother her.
Opmerkingen 2nd generation Smitten Kitten and my dream come true!


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