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June 2007. Billie. A blue fluffy balll of fur with the most beautiful big and intensely orange coloured eyes... that's all it took. That's how it all started. 
Just like that I fell in love. Smitten...

The name of my cattery finds its origin in the expression "Smitten as a kitten". And that's what we are. Smitten with our babies!
We are completely and utterly, totally and entirely, thoroughly and absolutely, head over heels, crazy in love with our sweethearts and we couldn't imagine life without them.

In the meantime our love has grown. 
It didn't stop at that single blue fluffy lady. How could it?!

A scrumptious, fluffy "mädchen" in pastel patchwork followed after more than a year of skimming the internet and mailing and calling other breeders.   She was very much wished for and welcome! 
Zsazsa showed me a whole new aspect of the British Longhair.  
Uncomplicated, curious, dauntless. 
And as any cat schould be, just the tiniest bit fickle. 
She is without any doubt the crème de la crème!

Not long after, a sublime, blue dollfaced sweetheart stole my heart and seemingly effortlessly she gave me the most beautiful present I've gotten to date: A delicous tricolor girl!
Blue-cream-white. Longhair of course! 
Fluffy. Adorabel. A true Smitten Kitten from head to toe!

My pride and joy, everything I could have wished for and more, my Amber {#emotions_dlg.xlovex}

With the arrival of Pumpkin, the "male-story" started at Cattery Smitten Kitten.
His migration to Belgium was the result of the enormous mutual trust between his breeder in the UK and me.  
Never before had a male kitten left the cattery to become a breeding male, let alone a British Longhair!
And yet we were given the honour of giving Pumpkin a new home!
I can only be thankful for this great opportunity we have been given!
Pumpkin is a cream and white longhair male and barely a few days older than the apple of my eye, Amber.

Last but not least, our chocolate treat Jalapeño. A gorgeous shorthair male who just loves getting attention and cuddles.

In 2012, Oilily was born, a choc tortie and white BLH girl who seems to think she is a oriental cat! She talks all the time and is a very active, playful baby! June 2012 Roisin, a red and white longhair girl joined our family. She is Oilily's best friend.

This is the situation at the time being, but who knows what the future holds?

We live in Antwerp with our brits and our moggie. 
All cats are respected and full members of our family. They of course all live with us in our home. 
They are allowed to play outside and to enjoy the fresh air in their safe, fenced outdoor playground.

All cats at Cattery Smitten Kitten are fiv and FelV negative. They are tested annually for HCM through ultrasound. PKD is tested by using the PKD-1 DNA test AND biennial through ultrasound as the currently available DNA tests can only track the PKD-1 gene!

New cats coming from other catteries are tested negative for fungus, Calici, Herpes, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, the most common intestinal parasites, Giardia and Tritrichomonas before they are allowed into our cat group.

To us it is of the utmost importance to breed with animals that are healthy, happy, good-tempered and balanced. Of course we also have an eye for the appearance, just visit our kitten pages to see for yourself!  
We welcome a maximum of two litters a year into our cattery and are quite picky in choosing the most perfect homes for our carefully and lovingly raised Smitten Kittens.
Quite rightly, I might add!

Should you be interested in a splendid Smitten Kitten of your own, please take your time to read our info for kitten applicants ("Our Kitten Policy") attentively!
Without further ado, I'd like to welcome you on our website and I hope you'll have a pleasant stay!

PS For every litter born into our cattery we donate (if the finances allow us) a little something to charity. Want to know what charities we chose in the past? Have a look on our Past Litter pages. Do you want to suggest a charity that fits our philosophy? Don't hesitate to email us! 

Best wishes, 
-Hanne and the cats of Cattery Smitten Kitten-

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