Our Kitten Policy


What you should know before contacting us for your very own Smitten Kitten... (Copyright Cattery Smitten Kitten!)

From time to time we receive loads of applications for our beloved Smitten Kittens. For that reason I urge potential Smitten Kitten owners to read the following text attentively. This way I hope it will be easier to separate the wheat from the chaff.
I hope the following text will enlighten the reader as regard what I expect from potential "Smitten Kitten personnel". It's not pleasant having to refuse people because they haven't got the same take on the keeping of a cat as a pet.

If you are still interested in a Smitten Kitten after reading our Kitten Placement Policy, or you have complementary questions, please do contact us. We'll be happy to hear from you.

First and foremost, what can you expect from us?

Obviously we only breed with healthy animals; in other words sire and dam are always recently tested negative for HCM/PKD/FIV and FELV before each litter.

Our kittens are raised and loved in the intimacy of our family and are ready to leave for their new homes at the age of 14-15 weeks. Upon transfer they are in excellent condition, fully inoculated, identified with a transporder chip, dewormed and basically free of any parasites. Unless formal consent PRIOR of placement of a kitten, all Smitten Kittens leave our home early neutered. (Read more here)

Our babies leave our home accompanied with a sales agreement (contract) and a large kitten goody bag filled with all kinds of pampering, their favourite toys, a photo book, a dvd with pictures and movies of the kitten's time at our home, the food they are used to (More info here), a pedigree, a copy of all parental tests and all other paper work like vaccination certificate, European Passport, health booklet etc.

All Smitten Kittens are brought personally to their new homes.

We do not work with a strict waiting list (although anyone can express their interest without engagement), nor do we practise a "first come, first served"-Policy.
Only the best homes will do for our sweethearts!

We strive to make the whole "kitten experience" as interactive as can be for their new families. We know from first hand experience that 3 months can be a very long time, when counting down to the day you'll be able to welcome your kitten in your home. Therefore our kitten buyers are always welcome to see and cuddle their future darling. For us this is the perfect way of getting to know the future personnel of our beloved babies a little better.

Additionally we frequently drop pictures in the virtual mailbox of the new owners and we have installed a webcam, exclusively for the kittenbuyers which allows them to admire their baby when there is sufficient day light.

During your kitten's stay at our cattery, but of course also later on, we'll always be at your disposal for advice and to lend you an ear.


What is it that we expect?

We expect that our potential kitten buyers introduce themselves with their full name and a little word about themselves, their current living situation and possibly other pets.
This gives us an idea about whom we are dealing with. 
Emails as short as "Do you have kittens, what is the price" will easily be discarded as I do not waste my time answering these.
All Smitten Kittens have a fixed price so no use in haggeling.
Our asking price is a sensible and honest price and is the average price applied by serious shorthair breeders who are breeding because it is a passion rather than a source of revenue. For us, breeding is merely a hobby which enables us to work with honest prices.
Our "profit" can not be expressed in something as volatile as money. We get our satisfaction from raising our Smitten Kittens, working on our breeding goals and rendering our Kitten buyers happy.

In the case you're interested in a Smitten Kitten for breeding, we'll be happy to receive additional information about your breeding policy and your plans with the kitten. Carefully read our breeding goal and should you not share the same views on breeding as we do, please refrain from contacting us.
Our breeding kittens will only go to like minded breeders.

Applicants from abroad should be conscient that out of principle our kitten prices will be adjusted upwards by anology with the prices in their country or the prices they maintain themselves. 

Please bear in mind that the British Longhair needs regular grooming! A daily 2 minutes will do the trick and will spare owner and pet from a lot of frustration.
Knots have to be avoided at all times as they can be very painfull for the cat when removed. During the moulting period, dead fur should be carefully eliminated.
Reflect on the fact that if you're not the type to comb and brush your cat on a daily basis and/or remove litterbox presents that might get stuck in your cat's coat, a longhair may be an unrealistic and unfair choice of pet!

In addition this might be the moment to react on a shrill question (based on emails of potential buyers...), but in my point of view a redundant one: YES! The British Longhair loses a fair amount of hair. Grooming your cat regularly helps a lot, but it is unavoidable you'll find some hair in your house.
Should you be "allergic" to vacuum cleaning, or do you know in advance that you'll be highly annoyed by the hairs in your home and on your clothing, please be wise enough not to choose a British Longhair. (Or any cat with a coat at all...)

Our kittens are never homed with people who are planning on keeping them on their own, without any other four legged friend present.
Our kittens are born and raised in a multicat household and are used to the fuss and cosiness this brings along. I do not want to deprivate them from the interaction with other cats when placed with their new owners.

We expect that our kitten buyers visit their kitten at least 2 times or, if that's their wish, more.

Obviously we are looking for new owners who will give their kitten a healthy and wholesome nutrition and will attend to good vital care.
This contains good litter tray hygiene, the attention the kitten requires, and tuned medical care if the kitten is in need of it.

Our kittens are under no circumstances homed with people who are planning on letting them walk outside without any precautionary actions. We do not breed kittens to hear back from their new owners that the kitten has been grasped by a car. We care too much about our Smitten Kittens and have invested too much care and time on them to deliberately expose them to dangers like this. 

Please bear in mind that a kitten is a living being which doesn't always do what you want it to do. With cats in your home vases and other precious ornaments may find their untimely death.
Accidents next to the litter box are unpleasant but might ocassionally occur.
The expensive leather couch might suffer damage caused by cat claws, even if your cat doesn't scratch it deliberately. Running over the surface of the couch may easily cause unsightly creases to appear on the leather.

Consider the fact that a cat can live up to 15 years and more and cats might need -besides their yearly vaccinations- visits to the vet due to illness or accidents.
As a result medical costs may pile up at a dazzling pace.

Last but not least; if you're interested in a Smitten Kitten, we expect you to have discussed this thoroughly with your family/all members of your household.
For us it is extremely embarrassing to fall into a quarrel of two partners, where one is convinced that adding a cat to the family is a very bright idea, while the other is demanding all sorts of unfeasible conditions his partner, just to make sure there will be no feline addition to the family.
You are not only wasting your time, but certainly ours.

Realise that our cattery is merely a hobby and that besides this hobby we have a busy social life, a family, a job/study and other hobbies and passtimes.
Only contact us when your intentions are sincere and all members of your household feel comfortable with the decision of adding another cat to the family.

Please understand that my plea is not intended to scare away potential buyers, but to make sure your choice for a Smitten Kitten is a well considered one.
Instead of forcing all kind of rules upon my kitten buyers I prefer to look for kitten buyers that already share the same ideas and ethics about keeping a cat as a pet.
A good personal contact and an email with news and pictures now and then is highly appreciated!

If you feel happy and content with what we aim to offer, but also with what we desire, we'll gladly accept your application. If not we ask you to save yourself and us the trouble and look for your kitten bliss elsewhere. 
There is a wide range of choices, so there is something for everybody!

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