Our "Stud"

Pumpkin our British Longhair boy from the UK.
For a long time I had to giggle when calling Pumpkin our "Stud", because although I think Pumpkin is a very handsome and especially very sweet boy, I
didn't see Casanova qualities in him! {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}
But as time went by, Pumpkin became a man.

Pumpkin is an extremely clumsy cat. He fals out of the top cat bed of the cat tree, fails to guess the distance he needs to jump and can be rather "blond" (well after all he is cream ;) ) sometimes.
Never a dull moment with Pumpkin in our home!

Of course, Pumpkin is more than just our "stud".
To me Pumpkin is -in the first place- a great companion!
He is a extraordinary sweet boy, not only to us, but also to our females and even to random strangers.

For Pumpkin the world is his oyster and everyone and everything could be an occasion for fun.
Everything he does, he does with a passion: sleeping, cuddling, playing, eating.
When Pumpkin does something, he gives his all!

Pumpkin is crazy about our kittens and as a devoted daddy, he washes them, plays with them and protects them. He even "changes their diapers"!
He is unbelievable easygoing, even when the little ones hang in his tail. He even lets the babies "drink"!

I always imagine that everytime one of our girls comes home from an exterior mating, Pumpkin is the one to say "You're not alone in this, I will raise these babies as if they were my own flesh and blood!"

Sometimes we have to curb his enthusiasm, because Pumpkin would even dare to steal the babies out of the birthing box to bring them to his own "nest" to devote himself entirely to their upbringing! And our ladies think it's all good and let Pumpkin do as he wishes....
He is really a boy with a heart of gold!

His girlfriend in our house is of course Amber. They were born, just a few days apart and are always near each other.

Since he has been living with us, Pumpkin has sired his first litter! Something we had been looking forward to impatiently! 
Of course Amber was the mother of this litter and the babies were so precious to us!

Pumpkin is a very sweet romeo and really takes his time to seduce a girl. He is kind-hearted and really takes his time, whispering sweet nothings in her ear. He rolls in front of the girl, washes her head and stays by her side. 

Our cream boy is the "Uber-cuddler" at home. He wakes me up by gently biting my hand and if I insist and try to act asleep, Pumpkin pushes his head under my hand, so gravity will make it glide from his head to his back and this way he will get the cuddles he wants.
He is a clutz, but he isn't dumb at all! {#emotions_dlg.winking}


I really wanted an English boy to infuse my breeding with some new blood, but this wasn't easy at all.
After mailing intensively with English breeders I knew exactly from which lines I wanted to have a kitten.
Unfortunately litters were born, but our boy made us wait.
... And then finally there was a longhair boy!

I fell in love, seeing that very first picture of Pumpkin... and although cream and white was really not on my wishing list... I fell for him head over heals!

Of course we picked up our baby Pumpkin in England ourselves. It was so nice finally meeting his breeder in the flesh and the day flew by.
I'll never forget how happy and naughty Pumpkin hopped around, he really was already the Pumpkin that we know now and love.

When it was time to go home, Pumpkin was put in his carrier and he started purring very loudly.
He did that all the way home. And actually, much to our content, he never ever stopped... {#emotions_dlg.xlovex}


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