Our little doll

Poppie was born in the Netherlands, moved to Germany when she was 3 months old and had to leave there again when she was barely 6 months old.
I was looking for a playmate for Zsazsa, who was in need of a feline friend and fell in love with Poppie's sweet "dollface".
We are so happy with her, she is really something {#emotions_dlg.xlovex}
Poppie is here to stay!

More info will follow soon. In the meantime have a look at her Photo Gallery.

Poppie Up Close and Personal:

Place of birth               The Netherlands
Variety British Longhair
Colour Blue carries choc
Health Has been tested HCM neg by ultrasound, already 4 times. PKD neg by ultrasound echo at the age of 1year old. Poppie’s dad is 16+ and still HCM neg. So we are glad we're able to use one of his daughters in our breeding plan.
Poppie will of course be tested annually for HCM by ultrasound.
Blood group
Other names Boowp, Bo-Peach, Bo Peep, "Ekster" -which is the Dutch translation of Magpie- due to her tendency to "steal" shiny and interesting things to play with{#emotions_dlg.winking}
Weight 4,3 kg at the age of 2
Adores Fooooooood, playing with little paper balls, sleeping on top of me, getting a beauty treatment, her daughter Amber, children (especially if their small hands are feeding her cat treats {#emotions_dlg.winking}), visitors, cat treats
Dislikes Carnibest when she is not expecting babies, combing when she decides it is taking to long
Remarks Can retrieve like a dog, mother to the A and D-Litter, so also the proud mum of our blue crème and white girl Amber




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